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Why Jaunty?

Internet Protection Policy

Jaunty’s mission is to protect our brick and mortar accounts by not offering our products to online discount retailers. Moreover, Jaunty does not brand itself! There are no Jaunty logos on our rugs, on our 18” samples or on any of our POS materials you might display in your store. As a result, when it comes to selling a Jaunty rug, your customers cannot use your time and knowledge to find the perfect rug for their décor and then shop discount websites or other retailers to make their purchase!


Established more than 30 years ago, the success of today’s Jaunty is a result of diligence, knowledge and reputation in the industry. As evidenced by Jaunty’s continuing growth, the company is able to provide high quality products, innovative sales tools and competitive protection to its customers.

Premium Product

Our product is the first impression Jaunty makes. We make certain the first impression is a very good one! Jaunty offers only handmade rugs primarily in tufted, wool quality. Hand tufted rugs are true works of art by skilled artisans. Every single wool yarn is tufted by hand to bring out the colors in the pattern. A typical 8’x11’ tufted rug takes several weeks of weaving to produce. Wool is the ‘go to’ fiber for top quality rugs. Known for its natural stain and crush resistance, wool is also naturally flame retardant. Wool is long wearing and comfortable to the touch with a soft sheen. Other fibers used in the construction of Jaunty rugs are viscose (often used as accents to add a shimmering effect), hemp and polyester. Jaunty maintains relationships with the most reliable manufacturers of handmade rugs and ensures the highest standards of quality control. No Child Labor is used in the manufacturing of Jaunty rugs.

18” Square Sample Program

Jaunty pioneered the 18” Square Sample Program in the late 1990’s and has ever since maintained the most successful rug sample program in the industry. We have the infrastructure in place to ensure consistency of colors, pattern and quality in the production of our rugs. Jaunty covers a wide range of styles in traditional, transitional and modern categories with over 300 patterns & colors to choose from.


At Jaunty, customer satisfaction and providing the service you expect from a top rated company is our number one priority. Our customer service staff is trained to provide you with the information you need expeditiously and with accuracy.

Stock Availability

All our standard sizes including rectangles, rounds, squares, runners and oversize rugs are stocked in our Los Angeles warehouse. We take pride in our commitment and ability to ship over 90% of orders placed with us within 3-5 business days. Aside from our standard sizes, all our collections can also be ordered in custom sizes and shapes.




 “Here at Bartholet Home Furnishings, we enjoy selling Jaunty because of their quality and multi-faceted rug collections. We have found that no matter the client's taste- traditional, transitional, or contemporary, Jaunty has a wide variety of styles, not to mention a large variety of sizes, for everyone. Jaunty also offers rug samples for their entire collection, greatly boosting rug sales because our clients can actually touch and see the actual rug's colors, instead of just trusting a picture in a catalog. Another reason we love to shop Jaunty is that every Market they introduce new rug collections that are on the cutting edge of design trends. We are always impressed by the beauty of the rugs, the consistency of their manufacturing, and quickness of their shipping, just illustrating more examples of what sets Jaunty above the rest!” 

Kim & Todd Bartholet and the Design Team
Bartholet Home Furnishings, Conroe, TX


 “Our business is all design-client driven, and we sell a lot of Jaunty Rugs in our projects. We love that they are made well, with a great range of sizes and styles that suit almost everything we do, so they are definitely our most used rug vendor. We love the sample program, and continue to order more every couple of months, because I strongly feel that seeing and touching the sample is what sells our clients on the look and quality of the rugs we select for their homes. Equally important is the fact that Jaunty does not allow internet sales of their rugs, and the samples are not brand labelled, so our clietns feel they are getting an exclusive product that is not sold everywhere. For us, that's what a custom look is all about."


Karen Shoener, President 
Design of the Interior, Westlake Village, CA



“As the economy continues to affect traffic in our stores, we cannot afford to lose any business to online shoppers. Jaunty Company has been a tremendous rug source for our stores because of their fast & reliable shipping and the fact they protect their dealers from online price shopping. This provides us with higher margins and protects our credibility with our customers. We always feature Jaunty in our promotions without the risk of being undercut by online dealers.”


Greg Wyers, President
Luxe Home Interiors




“Jaunty Rugs Rock! The Decorator's Edge has been incorporating their beautiful rug line into their projects for many years now, with great sucess. Always progressing with the trends, Jaunty has a fabulous selection of patterns and current colors, as well as good size choices.

One of the best features of Jaunty Rugs for interior designers is the aspect that the line is FOR designers, and cannot be shopped on the internet-a huge plus! Great quality, service and personal attention all add up to a superior rug line!"

Diane & Eric Lackey
The Decorator's Edge, Thomasville, NC


Message from the President

“The vast majority of brick and mortar retail stores are facing a predicament when it comes to dealing with the imminent competitive issues that are associated with online discount retailers. Since 2007, Jaunty’s mission has been to protect our brick and mortar accounts by not offering our products to online discount retailers. As a result, when it comes to selling a Jaunty rug, your customers cannot use your time and knowledge to find the perfect rug for their décor and then shop discount websites to make their purchase! Our decision to shut down our internet business is all about doing business with integrity and demonstrates our support and long term commitment to our traditional retailers.”

Mike Navid
CEO & President
Jaunty Co., Inc.