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Jaunty’s 18” Square Rug Sample Program

The most innovative method of selling multiple size hand made Area Rugs by utilizing our extensive assortment of
18" square rug samples and color catalog.

The Concept...

Jaunty’s 18” Square Sample Program is a convenient and ideal way for designers and sales associates to present area rugs to their clients
allowing the client to get a true sense of color, pattern, texture and quality of Jaunty rugs. It is now easier than ever to take several 18”
rug samples for an in-home consultation or a design project presentation! These samples can also be easily carried throughout the store
to visually match with other pieces of furniture or accessories your client may be interested in. Your clients will in turn make their rug
selection with more confidence minimizing the chances of customer remorse and thus returns.

Tips on how to find the Right Rug...

Begin the conversation about the flooring needs of your clients early on. If they have not considered a rug for their room, this is a good
time to share with your clients how much more complete their room décor would be with the right area rug.
• Explore the style and color scheme of the room. Ask your client about fabrics and paint samples used in their room.
• Using Jaunty’s catalog and the 18” square samples, find one or more choices that will work well with your client’s décor.
• Refer to the Rug Size Guidelines under Sales Tools or Jaunty Catalog reference pages.